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3 Types of Content Marketing to Boost your Business

Content marketing is crucial to your marketing strategy for generating consistent, organic (free!) traffic, leads, and sales.  Content marketing can include anything from social media, email, infographics, blogs, podcasts, video marketing, and more. Long-form content marketing is a specific type of content marketing that consists of… you guessed it: longer forms of content, like blogs,

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Compelling Website that converts banner

How to create a compelling website that converts

So you’ve got your product and you’re ready to tell the world, right?  How do you plan on sharing your product with the public? You’ll need a place where you can showcase your product and where potential customers can learn additional details about your offering, including learning more about you and your business.  This is

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How to Write Good Copy Graphic

How to write good copy for a website

Writing good copy for your product or website can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.  Keep the goals of your copy at the front of your mind and remember to keep your copy simple, clear, and direct. Keep in mind that the more commitment you’re asking of your target audience, the more copy

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The Goals of Marketing

You’ve created the perfect product – the perfect cup of coffee, a stunning children’s book, a line of organic t-shirts with clever witticisms. You’ve done the hard work.  The problem? No one’s buying it because no one knows about it.  They don’t know your quaint little coffee shop is just around the corner. They don’t

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creating smart goals for business

How to Begin Setting Marketing Goals for Your Business

If you’ve heard about marketing goals, but you’re not sure what they are, why you need them, or even how to set marketing goals for your business, you’ve come to the right place.  Think of setting marketing goals in the same way you think of choosing a major in college or a destination for a

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What is email marketing for small business?

What is Email Marketing and why does it work?

Email marketing is important for customer relationship management (CRM) and allows the sender to deliver personal, targeted messages directly to their list of contacts. These messages, or emails, can be highly personalized based on the end receiver. This is one of the main reasons why email marketing can be so effective. The three main reason why

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SBSD Jesse Richardson Banner

Small Business Sit-Down: Jesse Richardson from Ebullition Brew Works

Jeff sits down with Jesse Richardson, co-owner of Ebullition Brew Works, known for its amazing beer and great food. In this week’s episode, Jeff and Jesse discuss the importance of innovation and adaptability, especially in an industry as competitive as beer. With new players joining the scene every year, and customer trends and tastes constantly

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