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Coronavirus: Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

The coronavirus lockdown has forced many small businesses to close permanently. Those that have survived have done so by getting creative and restructuring their business model to fit changing customer needs and expectations. Here are a few tips to consider in order to keep your doors open. 1. Keep your Customers up to date! If

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Small Business Sit-Down: Joe Samo from Samo Law Group

Lawyer and comedian Joe Samo joins us on episode 4 of the Small Business Sit-Down. That’s right! Joe is both a lawyer and a standup comedian who brings his humor and wit to this week’s episode of the Small Business Sit-Down. Jeff Fox and Joe Samo talk about the challenges of working under others, what

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Small Business Sit-Down: Zeke Corley from YourInsurancePlace.com

YourInsurancePlace.com YourInsurancePlace.com is run by Zeke Corley and his father Bill Corley, who started the business back in 1977. Before Zeke fully got involved with the business, he was regional vp at Cingular Wireless. Now he ensures that businesses and consumers receive the necessary help they need at YourInsurancePlace.com. Zeke has recently begun to work

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Star Fox Media Launches New Drone Photography and Videography Services

(July 30th, 2020) Star Fox Media is a San Diego based marketing company that focuses on helping small, local businesses compete against industry staples through effective marketing. We are happy to announce drone services as an addition to our photography and video services in order to continue helping small businesses create quality content.  Our licensed

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Small Business Sit-Down: Cindy Steele from Grandma LuLu’s Table

The second episode of Small Business Sit-down is now live! We had the pleasure of sitting down with Cindy Steele, president and founder of Grandma LuLu’s Table, a San Diego non-profit intent on feeding the homeless and the food insecure across the county. We discuss Cindy’s early career, how she got into risk management, and

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What is Alt Text?

What Is Alt Text and How Does It Work?

Alt text is another tools that directly impacts your site’s SEO, and when done properly, can improve the user-experience for some of your site’s visitors. One of Google’s main goals is improving the user-experience for its users, ensuring the algorithm provides them with the answers they need. For this reason Google has placed a greater

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Introducing the Brand New Podcast: Small Business Sit-Down

We are excited to announce our brand new podcast that we’ve been working on in the background: Small Business Sit-down! Each week we’ll sit down with a new business owner for a nice chat about their business. We’ll dive deep into their backstory, what got them into the industry, and expectations they have about the

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