Creating a Brand Guideline for your Business – your Philosophy and Mission Statement

Your Philosophy and Mission Statement

Are you a small business owner looking to grow your business? Whether it’s investing money into marketing or expanding into a new location, a brand guideline will ensure all of your marketing materials are uniform and cohesive.

This multiple part series will help you develop a brand guideline for your business. This week we’ll be covering the first part of the brand guideline: Philosophy and Mission Statement.

The Importance of a Good Mission Statement

A mission statement explains your purpose as a business. It highlights your ideals, your goals, and your reason for existing. People choose to do business with companies they trust. If a company is on a mission to better the world, well, people resonate with that! If you’re only in it to make money, you’ll have trouble creating meaningful relationships with your customers.

And don’t get us wrong, it’s ok to be in it for the money. We all have families to feed and employees that need to get paid. However, it is important to separate yourself from your business and treat it as its own entity.

Think about all of the companies you regularly interact with. Why do you keep coming back to these products and services. Are there less expensive alternatives you could be using instead? If so, why do you insist on coming back to these companies?

If you have a solid mission statement and your target audience resonates with it, you’ll have an easier time succeeding. There’s a reason companies like Apple and Hydro Flask succeed in today’s market when cheaper and less expensive alternatives exist. Apple champions conservation of the environment when creating products. They also believe technology should be accessible to all people. Hydro Flask embodies adventure and free will with their products. Hydro Flask products will accompany you no matter what challenges you take on. Successful companies make their products and services about helping others, and not as much about themselves.

For your brand guideline, your mission statement will set the tone for all marketing collateral moving forward. It will influence the way you interact with customers, how you market to them, and will even influence which businesses and individuals you interact with.


Next we’ll be covering the importance of a good logo and how to include it in your brand guideline. As the face of your company, you need to clearly specify the proper ways you can use your logo and which practices to avoid. If you need help getting your business off the ground be sure to check out our services. For custom solutions to your business problems, please email us at info@starfox.media.

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