Content Marketing

Content Marketing

People want to do business with the companies and brands they trust. They want to know your story and they want your message to come across the content they consume from you. Thanks to the Internet, people shop around and do research on the products and services they are thinking about purchasing. You want to tell a story and captivate the attention of your audience, which is no easy task. If you can deliver valuable content to potential customers, you can build yourself up to be an expert within your industry, and an expert in the eyes of Google.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is about creating valuable, engaging, and relevant content for your target customers, with the expectation that they will perform a desired action.

Don’t create content for the sake of having content. Spend time researching your target audience and make sure your call to action is clear and provides value to the consumer.

Think about your industry and how one of your potential customers may come across your business. Let’s say you provide plumbing services. The first thing a potential customer may do is go on Youtube to look up how they can fix the issues themselves. It’s possible they’ll be able to fix the issue on their own and will no longer need to call you, but at least they associate your brand with both trust and knowledge. And if the problem proved too difficult to solve, they can contact you directly to help fix their plumbing issue. It’s all about understanding how your target customers navigate the web.

Make it easy for potential customers to find you when they search online for your products and services. You want to educate them and provide them with just enough free content that they’ll begin to trust your expertise. 

Content creation isn’t just videos, but rather it takes the form of multiple marketing tools. Some common forms of content creation include writing blogs and articles, creating videos and podcasts, and designing infographics and other such visual displays to reach potential customers who are looking for that type of content.

Our Content Marketing Services

Blogs, Articles, and Website Content Marketing

Blogging and writing articles is a great way to create valuable content that will not only cement your business as an industry expert, but will also help your website rank higher if done right. Through proper search engine optimization, you can have certain blogs and article on your site rank highly in the search engine results page, which will bring in free, organic traffic to your business. Optimized website content can also help specific pages on your site to rank higher as well, and sometime the entire website as a whole. 

Video Production Content Marketing

People love to watch videos when they can. The greater the production values and quality of your video, the more engaged they’ll be and the more information they’ll retain. Video is also a great way to provide valuable “how-to” content that a lot of people actively search for. Thinking about creating your own videos? Be sure to read up on on our video production services to see how we can help you create an engaging marketing video that fits your brand.

Social Media Content Marketing

If your business isn’t somewhere on social media, you don’t exist. Even if its just one social media platform, having some form of online presence is crucial to getting your name out there and being able to engage with customers directly. Every social media platform is different and you need to understand how your core target audience uses these sites to create the type of content they want to see. Social media content marketing is just one step in creating an effective marketing strategy.

Graphic Design Content Marketing

Many businesses set out to create postcards or flyers to promote their business, and it’s a great way to display a lot of content easily that is both visually appealing and informative. If you prefer digital only, infographics are a great way to present information on social media and on your website.

Email Content Marketing

Not all emails are spam! Email marketing is very versatile and can range from monthly newsletters to direct communication with potential leads. You want to draw in your potential leads with captivating subject lines and then you need to retain your attention with a visually appealing email full of valuable content. Whether you need an email newsletter or help with creating an email campaign to help potential leads convert, we have the tools to help!

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