Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Keep customers up to date with everything your business has to offer through newsletters and email campaigns. Email is powerful and it let’s you interact with potential leads and past customers in a more, intimate, direct fashion. Which also means you want to be careful with how you talk to them or risk losing a valuable platform that can help your business grow.

Because this relationship is so valuable, you really need to understand who your email subscribers are and what the best way to approach them is. Are they a repeat customer that has been with you for multiple years? Are they a potential leads who is interested in what you have to offer?

Every group requires a different approach and a different email campaign to keep the relationship going for as long as possible.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing involves the sending of direct emails to potential leads and/or existing customers with the goal of getting them to perform a specific action (which is the goal of all marketing right?). Even sending out personal emails checking up on your customers and thanking them for their patronage is considered email marketing because it’s another form of customer relationship management.

Tools exist now that make the email marketing much easier and enable you to reach a wide audience (limited by your mailing list). You can even segment your audiences and send unique emails and create different campaign for the different group on your mailing list.

Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

Evergreen Email Marketing Campaigns

Evergreen email campaigns are all about the soft sell, slowly building your way up until you can finally hard sell a product or service. This is usually done by providing enough value, usually in the form of a discount, to get the reader to buy. 

The way it starts is you thank a new subscriber via email, giving them a rundown of what to expect by subscribing, how you’ll protect their data, the usual. You then follow it up with an email about who you are and the type of value you bring to your audience in order to legitimize your brand and build a sense of trust. These emails are essentially the soft sale. The final email (the hard sale, you’ll want to continue the cycle of soft sales even after they finally perform a desired action) is to offer them a special promo or user-specific special to get them to buy from you.

Sales (Lead Nurturing) Email Campaigns

Begin your first email by promoting one of your products, whether new or old, and include and special promos or sales related to the product with a clear deadline. You want to begin with a hard sale with the hopes that the reader will be inclined to make the purchase. The next email should then reframe your offer in a new light, attempting to solve a different problem to increase its value. For the third email you’ll want to try and make your original deal more appealing either by including an extra bonus if they purchase, additional discounts, or other exclusive deals to get the reader to go through with a purchase. The final email is to remind the reader that the discount deadline is approaching and that they only have a few more days, or even hours, to make a purchase. Sometimes people forget, or they need to feel pressured a bit before they finally take the plunge.

Newsletter Email Campaigns

Newsletter email campaigns are all about maintaining a relationship with your reader by updating them about changes with your business, showcasing products, providing newsletter-exclusive deals and gifts, giving them first-looks at new projects, and much more. It’s all about building trust and providing value, with the occasional soft selling when applicable. It’s also a great way of compiling any noteworthy social media posts or blog articles for subscribers that may have missed them. Much more passive, newsletter campaigns are for developing life-long relationships with subscribers who are interested in your brand and why you do what you do.

Post-purchase Email Campaigns

Everyone has been part of some type of post-purchase email campaign at some point in their lives if they’ve bought anything online. Whenever you buy something online from an established store front you’ll get an order confirmation email, shipping information, and so on. It’s all about keeping your customer informed about their purchase to let them know they’ll actually get what they paid for. The initial email is the confirmation email, letting the buyer know that you have received their order and are currently processing it. The next email is shipping confirmation, giving them a timeframe for when they should expect their order to come in and in some cases providing them with shipment tracking. Your third email is to ask for a review of some type on a  desired platform, or asking them to share their experience with your product on their social media. Not only does this increase you exposure to new, potential customers, but it also helps your brand gain the trust of new customers if you have multiple positive reviews. The final email you’ll send out is a request to repurchase (if the product or service had limited uses or lasted a set period of time) or invite them to purchase a similar product you expect them to enjoy based on what they have already purchased.

Of course there are other types of emails that aren’t really a part of existing email campaigns as they are usually one-ofs and not a solicitation to perform a desired action or goal in mind.

Our Email Marketing Services

CRM Installation and set up

Blogging and writing articles is a great way to create valuable content that will not only cement your business as an industry expert, but will also help your website rank higher if done right. Through proper search engine optimization, you can have certain blogs and article on your site rank highly in the search engine results page, which will bring in free, organic traffic to your business. Optimized website content can also help specific pages on your site to rank higher as well, and sometime the entire website as a whole. 

Email Design and Content Creation

People love to watch videos when they can. The greater the production values and quality of your video, the more engaged they’ll be and the more information they’ll retain. Video is also a great way to provide valuable “how-to” content that a lot of people actively search for. Thinking about creating your own videos? Be sure to read up on on our video production services to see how we can help you create an engaging marketing video that fits your brand.

Email Campaign Creation

If your business isn’t somewhere on social media, you don’t exist. Even if its just one social media platform, having some form of online presence is crucial to getting your name out there and being able to engage with customers directly. Every social media platform is different and you need to understand how your core target audience uses these sites to create the type of content they want to see. Social media content marketing is just one step in creating an effective marketing strategy.

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