Photography & Video

Photography and Video Production

Photography and video have become king on social media platforms. It’s the piece that draws people in; it’s what captures the attention of people who already struggle to pay attention to everything they see on social media.

Whether it’s a bunch of pretty pictures on instagram or a captivating video on Youtube or your website homepage, people will be drawn into your content if done well.

Enhance your online posts and print marketing with high quality photography. Show off your business with professional videos which can be shared on your website and social media accounts. Looking to do video advertisements for your services or products? We can help you accomplish that too!

What is Photography and Video Marketing?

You have different types of visual content you can set out to create through your marketing photography and video work. Some brands choose to be entertaining when they create videos for their business. Others like to educate and inform their target customers, which is great for generating trust and leading them to their website. Others like to showcase their services and products in the highest quality possible to draw eyes and attention to key items in their catalogue.

Video and photography marketing is about creating visual content with the intent to either showcase your products and services or to educate or entertain your target customers. It all depends on the goals set in place by the marketing strategy of your business and what you’re trying to get your target customers to do: make a purchase, be entertained, or learn something of value.

Our Photography and Video Production Services

Product and Service Photography

Have products and services you want to share with your customers, or are you in need of more images you can use to share on your site or social media platforms? Star Fox Media provides product and service photography to ensure you get the high-quality, visually captivating photos you need to enhance your online posts and print marketing. We can also help you create videos or your products and services to share with your customers.

Video Production Content Marketing

People love to watch videos when they can. The greater the production values and quality of your video, the more engaged they’ll be and the more information they’ll retain. Video is also a great way to provide valuable “how-to” content that a lot of people actively search for. Thinking about creating your own videos? Be sure to read up on on our video production services to see how we can help you create an engaging marketing video that fits your brand.

Drone Photography and Video Services

High-quality drone photography and video work has become more accessible to small businesses in recent years. Whether you need help capturing impressive shots of homes for your real estate business, or you need some aerial shots to show off your team and business, we can help you get the exact footage your brand needs.

Business Photography

How long has it been since you last updated your LinkedIn profile image? 5 years? 15 years? If you need a professional headshot for yourself or your team, we can help you take wonderful headshots that will impress your friends and family and leave a great impression with clients and customers alike.

Simple Interview Video

Need a quick interview video for your social media accounts or website of your business owner talking about who you are and your mission as a business? Star Fox Media can help you deliver and bring your story to life through a high-quality video you can share anywhere! In today’s world, it’s all about the presentation.

Extended Video Services

Have an even bigger story to tell? Whether you have multiple locations at which you would like to shoot, or you need to capture multiple interviews to properly communicate with your customers who you are, we can help! Our extended video services include 2 shooting locations, up to 4 interviews, and premium b-roll footage so that you can reuse and repurpose anything we capture for your social media account and website needs.

Podcast Video and Livestreams

Have an event you want to livestream to your audience? Want to capture video of your podcast to share on Youtube or on your website. Whether you need video of an event or a livestream, we can help you capture your event to easily share with your customers and audience. We also provide all the necessary podcast equipment via The Film Hub to help you get started with your own podcast show (they’re hot right now!).

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