Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Everyone wants to be the first page that pops up when a potential customer searches for a product or service they offer, but the likelihood of that happening is very difficult. Companies who rank within the first page on Google have two things going for them, great search engine optimization (SEO), and a lot of money (search engine marketing).

But that’s not to say your business can’t rank highly in the search engine results page! It’s all about how much SEO you’re willing to perform for your site and business.

Can potential customers find you online or is your business buried under other companies on the search engine results page? Relevant information about your business that is search engine optimized will help your business rank higher than competitors and increase your organic traffic.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the behind-the-scenes practice of improving the likelihood of having your website rank higher on the search engine results page (SERP) by appealing to the algorithm. It’s easier said than done, and constant updates and changes to the algorithm make SEO a continuous process, and not a one-and-done deal.

There are different types of SEO practices one can perform to help their business rank higher, which in turn will help them grow organic traffic to their site or business in the long run

Our SEO Services

Alt Text Improvements

Alt text (alternative text), also known as alternative attribute, is used to describe images on a page through HTML code, which is displayed when an image fails to load. Those who are visually impaired may have trouble viewing certain pages and screen readers are capable of reading the alt text for them. Search engine crawlers also use alt text descriptions to properly index any images you post on your site, and have the ability to impact your rankings. When including alt text for your images, remember to be specific and descriptive for not only the search engine crawlers, but to provide a better user experience to the visually impaired.

Keyword Research

SEO and keyword research have become synonymous with one another, and for good reason. Keyword research involves finding the words that your target customers are using to look for businesses like your online. Any products and services you provide should be considered important keywords you’ll want to rank for, which are then used during the content creation process. Without paying for ads, you’ll want to rank highly through Google and be discoverable through the keywords that define you. You’ll need to research which keywords are currently ranking well, which are not, what keywords your competitors are using, and ongoing trends to generate continued traffic to your site. It’s a slow process that is guaranteed to work when done right!

Location-based SEO

Location-based SEO is very important when determining if you’ll show up when customers search for your service and products in their area. Proper local SEO can help you rank above competitors on platforms such as Google Maps, and is vital in generating healthy, organic traffic over time.  Also known as offsite SEO, proper Google My Business, Yelp, and Facebook profile set up and management, along with business directory optimization, will help you rank more highly.

Content Creation

Quality content plays a critical role in how the algorithm perceives your site because it cares about whether or not you are able to provide value directly to your readers. Value refers to your ability to answer customer questions, provide educational information, and whether or not the content you have set out to create is unique. Of course, you need to integrate proper keywords into the content you create, but be sure value is the main driving force of the content you create and you aren’t keyword stuffing your blogs, articles, and webpage content (the algorithm will penalize you for this!). Be detailed and comprehensive with the content you create. You can learn more about content creation and content marketing services here.

SEO Website Audit

The first step in creating an SEO strategy for your business is to determine what things you’re doing well and what practices could use some work. Star Fox Media will perform an SEO website audit to determine the load speed of your site, how responsive and mobile-friendly it is, whether or not you’re properly using alt text for your images, how well and how many keywords you’ve implemented throughout your webpage content, proper internal linking practices, and much more.

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