Web Development

Web Development

Show off your business with a website that highlights your services and brand. As the online home for your business, a good, user-friendly site will help you convert potential leads into customers through clear CTAs. It all comes down to the functionality and presentation of your website. A website is the online home of your business after all, and you want people to feel welcome when they visit.

What is Web Development?

Developing for the web consists of designing, creating, and implementing a website to be used on the internet. Note that coding is not required. Modern web design is largely built through online platforms that facilitate the site making process. Of course you still need to ensure functionality across the site, make sure your customers can easily navigate it, and that it looks nice and reflects your brand well.

Our Web Development Services

Mobile-friendly Website

Because mobile internet browsing is now the main way people surf the web, Google has slowly begun to implement a mobile-first index system that ranks your site based on how it functions on a mobile device. By the end of 2020, Google will fully implement mobile-first index for all sites, and if you don’t have a mobile friendly site, your ranking will suffer greatly. Star Fox Media will create a website that not only looks great on desktop, but is also mobile-friendly and easy to use.

Custom Website Design

Need to add a little more pizzazz to your website? If there are any features or plugins you need that you feel would better the functionality and user experience of your site, we can make it happen!

eCommerce Website

Have products or services you want to sell online to your customers? A large majority of shopping now takes place online, and a great business website is the best way to showcase your products and service. These types of websites become your virtual storefront and are capable of bringing in a lot of money. We’ll help you create an attractive eCommerce website that is easy to navigate for your end users that will make it easy for them to purchase products and services hassle-free.

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