Small Business Sit-Down: Christopher Williams from Princebury Productions and Media

Our guest for episode 5 of the Small Business Sit-Down is Christopher Williams of Princebury Productions & Media.

Christopher has a rich and extensive background both in law, and in the US Navy. He has over 45 years in corporate and entertainment finance, as well as investment property transactions, and investment banking. His previous practice included general, corporate, and business law, sports and entertainment, merchant banking, and intellectual property issues.

He also spent time as a police officer, and later as a trial lawyer in the US Navy.

On this episode Christopher shares with us his early childhood and the events that lead to him joining the US Navy, and later, becoming Managing Director at Princebury.

He also tackled the challenges of creating films when working in Hollywood, and industry trends that are occurring within Film.

Princebury Productions & Media

It was his involvement with the sports and entertainment industry that lead to the creation of Princebury Productions & Media, a motion picture production company specializing in financing, producing, distributing, and marketing story-driven message films.

One of the reasons Princebury was created was to give filmmakers and creatives a non-bureaucratic environment in which they could work in. Princebury secures financial resources independently, and helps smaller filmmakers compete directly with Hollywood.

Small Business Sit-Down cover art featuring Christopher Williams

Listen to Small Business Sit-Down Episode 5

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