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Affinity Real Estate Investments - Website for Real Estate

This month, Star Fox Marketing partnered with Affinity Real Estate Investments to create a small website with landing pages built specifically for their target audiences.  Built with a WordPress back-end, it will be as simple as clicking a button to turn on a blog section on the website.  A plug-in called Beaver Builder finishes up the package by allowing on-page editing with no knowledge of code required.

Who is Affinity Real Estate Investments?

Headed by Shirley Allen and Artricia Woods, Affinity Real Estate Investments is a real estate wholesaling company based in Riverside County.  They partner investors with people that would like to sell their properties without the headache of listing.  Because their investors can make cash offers, there is no financing and a much simpler transfer.  They can even help you get out of a property with back taxes or multiple mortgages.  Whether you are an seller or investor, Affinity can help you.

The Affinity Brand

Affinity Real Estate Investments adds real estate wholesaling to the list of other great services that the Affinity brand offers.  If you are looking into becoming a real estate agent, Affinity Real Estate Academy can help you get there.

Want this to be you?

If you would like to learn more about our marketing services, please feel to send us a message!

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